About Us

The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics envisions to be the leading institution in the MINSUPALA region on instruction, extension, research and development in natural sciences and mathematics.

The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics believes that as a unit of the University, it has as its mission the following:
1. To offer relevant and responsive programs on natural sciences and mathematics in line with the goals of national government;
2. To develop and strengthen a culture and philosophy of science and mathematics;
3. To establish linkages with local and foreign Institutions for resource generation;
4. to play an active role in promoting environmental management and conservation;
5. To engage in basic and applied research in mathematics, science and technology; and
6. To produce highly competent, nationalistic and morally upright graduates.

1. To provide students with adequate background in Natural Sciences and Mathematics;
2. To provide students with a strong foundation in their field of discipline relevant to their pursuit of higher education;
3. To train students for service, particularly in the area of specialization in sciences and ultimately contribute to the development of the entire nation;
4. To promote scientific research; and
5. To upgrade the faculty member's competence in instruction and research.

1. To develop in the students the ability to comprehend and apply Physics in their daily lives.
2. To motivate faculty and students to actively participate and conduct researches.
3. To provide the students extensive techniques and adequate stock of knowledge of Physics to prepare them for teaching basic Physics courses and for graduate work.
4. To collaborate with other institutions and agencies in undertaking quality Physics education and research.